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Why You Should Use Medical Waste Management


6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Medical Waste Management.

Medical Waste Management is the Premier Gulf South Company for medical waste disposal and compliance services. Not only do we complete these services, but we are helping people every single day by providing our customers with a cost-effective solution to their medical waste with exceptional service. We work very hard each and every day to ensure employee and customer safety, remain compliant with all state and federal laws in accordance with OSHA, and create and maintain a safe and protected environment.

Our company is based out of Louisiana, and we have expanded into Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. While we are a very fast growing and expanding company, we meet the individual needs of each and every customer by providing flexible schedules and ample supplies. Our valued customers are our #1 priority, and the sole reason why we exist. While being a fully licensed and fully compliant company, Medical Waste Management is your local vendor for medical waste disposal and compliance services and is ready to work efficiently with you!

Here are 6 reasons why you should be using Medical Waste Management for your medical waste and compliance needs:

We are the most cost-effective and cost-competitive medical waste vendor in the Gulf South.

Medical Waste Management is saving customers incredible amounts of money across the Gulf South Region. We work hard each and every day to talk and meet with potential customers and help them in switching with us, by guaranteeing great prices with great deals, along with exceptional service. Price is one of the biggest pluses to our customers, and Medical Waste Management is here for you and to be your cost-effective solution to your medical waste needs!

We are a rapidly fast growing company with no intentions of slowing down.

Medical Waste Management is taking the Gulf South by storm in the medical waste industry. And with the speed we are at in expanding the company, we are crossing the states and offering customers the best solution to their medical waste needs. Year by year, we are doubling our business growth and gaining rapid market share faster than we ever thought we would. Our mission accurately aligns with our goals and vision. We have no intention of ever slowing down, and we will continue to expand and service the medical waste industry as effectively and efficiently as possible.

We are the only fully licensed and fully compliant medical waste company in the state of Louisiana, next to Stericycle.

For our Louisiana market, yes, we are the only fully licensed, registered, and OSHA compliant medical waste vendor in the state of Louisiana, next to Stericycle. You must be using a licensed and registered medical waste company for your medical waste needs, and it is very convenient that we offer OSHA compliance as well, meaning you get everything you need all in one company! Who wouldn’t want great prices and convenient services?

We’re real people, not robots.

When you call Medical Waste Management, need a problem solved, a question answered, or anything at all, you are one on one with us. We are not a 1-800-Robot or answering machine. We work directly with you. If there is a problem you need solved, we grab a truck and come fix it. If you have a question that needs to be answered, you call and we answer. We work with each customer like they are our only customer. We build relationships with our customers, and thrive to do whatever it takes to make sure our customers are satisfied. We are personable people, not robots.

Become a part of a growing success.

This somewhat relates back to reason number 2. We are a very fast growing and expanding company that has every intention of reaching our long term goals and staying focused on our vision. While we may not be the biggest medical waste company in the United States yet, we are on our way to reaching our vision. Switch to Medical Waste Management for your medical waste needs and become a part of a company that is lead by leaders of motivation, passion, and dedication in revolutionizing the medical waste industry. Become a part of our growing success, so that we may grow together.

We’re not your ordinary waste company.

Medical Waste Management is not just any other ordinary company. Our team is built by leaders…passionate, dedicated, motivated, inspired, goal –oriented, driven, focused leaders. We’re big thinkers, and big risk takers. We stand strong with remaining ethical in everything we do, and want nothing more than to help people by expanding our business and providing customers with the best price and the best service we can offer. Our CRM is very near and dear to our hearts, as we truly enjoy helping people, and truly believe in what we do. We want to earn your business and become a life-long partner and grow with you. Let Medical Waste Management help you, and be there for you.