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Integrated Waste Services

Medical Waste Management removes the burden of maintaining multiple and complicated waste streams


Your healthcare facility more than likely generates multiple categories of wastes. When waste is incorrectly segregated, it can be costly.

At Medical Waste Management, our Integrated Waste Solutions program can help contain costs for your facility while protecting the environment, your patients and staff, and your reputation. As a rapidly growing company in the gulf south, we’ve already saved other highly regulated businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars by recovering value from what they normally throw away or otherwise dispose of inefficiently.

Healthcare customers across the gulf south are achieving sizeable cost savings and improving their environmental performance by letting us handle not just some of their waste, but all of it. Call us, and let’s discuss how we can do the same for you.

Medical Waste

Medical Waste Management will work with you through every step of your supply and activity chain. Our far-reaching programs help make sustainability affordable and include on-site implementation as well as employee training. From proper segregation to appropriate transport and treatment, we will handle every step in the process of managing medical waste.

Universal Waste

Medical Waste Management’s recycling programs reclaim valuable resources from electronics, fluorescent bulbs and batteries for manufacturing reuse. We help keep universal waste out of landfills, thus protecting human health and the environment.

Solid Waste

Medical Waste Management will help you reduce volume and dispose of solid and non-hazardous waste. Plus, our waste-to-energy and landfill-gas-to-energy programs are turning waste into clean, renewable energy, creating wildlife habitats, and producing many other eco-friendly benefits.

Hazardous Waste

Medical Waste Management’s healthcare solutions experts are well-versed in regulations pertaining to waste that is potentially harmful to human health and the environment. We will work closely with you to develop processes that safely and efficiently direct your facility’s waste to the appropriate transportation and treatment resources.

Sharps Rotation Services (SRS)

Medical Waste Management is capable of providing highly trained Sharps Technicians to work throughout your facility to identify full sharps containers and replenishing each individual room with a fresh container. We can also recycle waste from sharps containers to recover plastics and metals.

Compliance Solutions

Medical Waste Management offers a wide variety of online compliance services including OSHA safety training for employees, online MSDS/SDS access, ICD-10 codes, manifest management, safety plan builders, and much more. These focus on all state and federal regulations. Explore our online compliance suite and become OSHA Compliant.

Document Shredding Solutions

Medical Waste Management provides highly trained and compliant team members for the collection and destruction of HIPAA documents and other confidential media.

Lockable consoles/containers will be provided to ensure total security of confidential information.

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Pharmaceutical Waste

Medical Waste Management is your partner in creating and implementing a pharmaceutical waste management system that helps ensure proper categorization and appropriate treatment.

Recycling & Sustainability

Medical Waste Management closely networks with a variety of recyclers and waste-to-energy providers to maximize recycling efforts.

Medical Waste Management assists the facility in developing new programs that establish a more focused recycling effort and enhancing current programs to create continual improvement.

Medical Waste Management will periodically provide the facility with sustainability reports to ensure the highest client satisfaction.

Waste Auditing

Medical Waste Management representatives conduct facility surveys to determine current waste handling practices and identify opportunities for improvement.