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Properly Package Your Medical Waste


How To Properly Package Your Medical Waste Box

Medical Waste Management Properly Package Your Medical WasteHere at Medical Waste Management, we work hard each and every day to ensure employee and customer safety, and remain compliant with all state and federal laws in accordance with OSHA to create a safe and protected environment. We constantly preach safety throughout our facilities every day. One particular interest of safety we’ve noticed customers encounter often is properly packaging their medical waste box. Below are the steps listed in properly packaging your medical waste box:

PPE – Always ensure your safety by utilizing your proper barrier systems (gloves).

Ensure that your Medical Waste Management box adequately has a draping liner around the outside rim of the box.

When the box is full, goose neck the top of the liner so that it can be properly packed for DOT transportation under medical waste.

Close the box using the pre-fabricated tabs around the rim of the box

Stamp your customer issued label at the top of the box.

Now your medical waste can be properly transported to our licensed treatment facility for destruction!