Macon Document Shredding Solutions

The Macon document destruction service can be trusted for both security and privacy. We have proper equipment as well as guarantees in place to allow your Macon business to concentrate on clients rather than destroying paperwork of the past. Our coverage includes not only the heart of Macon, but also Centerville, Warner Robins, Perry, Milledgeville, Eatonton, Thomaston, Griffin, Dublin, Covington, Stockbridge, Cordele, Conyers, Americus, Fayetteville and Monroe.

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Georgia Shredding & Document Destruction Services

Protective Shredding Containers,
Variety of Service Types,
Paper, Media, and Hard Drive Destruction,
and More

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Safe & Secure Collection, Transportation, and Destruction of HIPAA Documents

Why use Our Services?

It is our job to protect your business. Our Macon document destruction techs are trained for privacy and security. With service techs whose number one goal is security, you can trust Medical Waste Management Document Shredding Solutions to destroy documents, storage media, and hard drives properly and in a timely manner.

Regularly Scheduled Service

You control the handling of your sensitive documents and storage media. You select collection frequency and the container to best suit your needs. We provide HIPAA Compliant document shredding professionals and a Certificate of Destruction as proof we have properly destroyed documents and media. Devote time to handling customer needs rather than shredding documents, and know that all paper is 100% recycled. We are committed to our Macon customers and the planet.

One-Time Cleanout

We pick up your sensitive documents at a time convenient for your company, offer the highest level of security for your company, as well as provide a Certificate of Destruction for our services. Document Shredding Solutions offers HIPAA Compliant service techs and recycles 100% of destroyed documents.

Hard Drive Shredding

We know it’s nearly impossible to get rid of storage media and old equipment for fear of the sensitive data that could be left behind. We offer hard-drive destruction services on an ongoing basis or as a one-time only service. Like with document destruction services, we offer a Certificate of Destruction following hard drive destruction services and use HIPAA Compliant and professional service techs who ensure all destroyed documents and storage materials are properly recycled.

Other Services

For the processing and shredding of sensitive paperwork and equipment that require secure destruction, contact our Macon team to ask about our services. We are honest about our abilities because your privacy is our first and only priority.

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