Bossier City Document Shredding Solutions

Bossier City’s Document Shredding Services team offers your company comfort knowing that sensitive documents are properly handled. HIPAA compliant professionals utilize proper shredding equipment and have a Certificate of Destruction in place to allow your company to concentrate on customer service rather than destroying sensitive documents and paperwork. Our area of service includes Bossier City, Shreveport, Minden, Ruston and Natchitoches.

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Louisiana Shredding & Document Destruction Services

Protective Shredding Containers,
Variety of Service Types,
Paper, Media, and Hard Drive Destruction,
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Safe & Secure Collection, Transportation, and Destruction of HIPAA Documents

Why use Our Services?

The Bossier City Document Shredding Services team respects your security. Our Document Destruction Services are private and thorough. With HIPAA trained professionals and security as the only priority, we handle sensitive paperwork, storage media and hard drives carefully to protect the integrity of your business.

Regularly Scheduled Service

You control the handling of sensitive documents, storage media and hard drives and are involved in planning the process. You pick your collection times and a container that fits your company’s needs. HIPAA trained techs provide a Certificate of Destruction as evidence documents are destroyed properly. Devote time to company business and services rather than destroying paperwork of the past. All sensitive documents are 100% recycled as Document Shredding Services is committed to Bossier City and its sustainability.

One-Time Cleanout

Bossier City’s Document Shredding Services team will pick up sensitive documents at your convenience, and we offer the best level of security for your business. We provide a Certificate of Destruction as proof your sensitive documents are properly destroyed, and our HIPAA compliant technicians recycle 100% of your destroyed documents. We provide services as a one-time event or we can provide them monthly or annually. We also offer more frequent services as well. It’s your choice – our timeline reflects your company’s timeline.

Hard Drive Shredding

Our Bossier City team knows how difficult it is to rid the office of old equipment or storage media because you fear leaving the sensitive information stored within. These items can pile up for years before you arrange proper destruction services. Medical Waste Management offers these services on a recurring basis or simply as needed. Like Document Shredding Services, we offer a Certificate of Destruction and use HIPAA compliant professionals who make sure recycling is secure.

Other Services

For Bossier City companies that require document or storage media shredding and destruction, contact the Louisiana team about our thorough services. We are honest about our capabilities because your privacy and security is just as important to us as it is to you.

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